At Meteion, we develop innovative solutions for our clients problems. Our typical projects involve control software that interacts with PLCs, and software that helps accelerate business flows and reduce bottlenecks. Below are listed some of our projects.

BTL Converter

BTL Converter converts BTL files to SPL files readable by Randek cut saws such as the SP720. It also generates Excel reports for the employees on the production floor. This project led to massive time savings as no longer did employees have to type out these reports manually.


ProCam is a network camera that can tie into OPC-UA-compatible machinery to trigger photos based on certain events. It enables you to perform quality control actions based on captured images. The cameras can store photos locally or upload to storage on the network without any additional software required. All processing is done on the cameras themselves to that no servers or special softwares are required.


Gatekeeper is a program that enables uploading project files to machinery, even from outside the local network or across the world. Instead of having to manually walk between machines with a USB stick, designers can instead upload files quickly over a secure connection. This leads to massively increased productivity, especially when iterating projects.

Mettler Toledo .NET Library

This project enabled us to connect to and read from Mettler Toledo scales from .NET applications. It functioned over a USB serial connection and works with most Mettler Toledo scales.


Clocker was a full-scale time sheet tracking system. Clocker enabled multi-site sign-in, remote worker sign-in via a mobile app, job tracking, First Aid attendant tracking, and more. It natively integrated with NFC systems to allow for easy clocking in and out at stations around the site. It also featured support for large displays to show who was signed in on site, and who the current First Aid attendant was, meeting WorkSafeBC requirements. Clocker could also perform time calculations for payroll, including support for regional statutory holidays and regional overtime calculations. Clocker enabled the client to go from having an employee spending hours per day on time-card issues to a few minutes per week.