Meteion offers services related to software development in different industries. We can also help perform pre-studies for automation systems in partnership with our business contacts.

Software Development

Meteion specializes in connecting your hardware, whether that be industrial, IoT, IIoT, or non-networked equipment, to human operators in a way that is simple and allows for fast training. We have experience with communication protocols like OPC-UA, CAN, Modbus, and more, which allow us to connect to most equipment on the market. If we haven't worked with a communication protocol before, we will quickly get up-to-speed on it and develop required software to ease intregration.

We also enable you to collect data from these systems and put it into reports and dashboards to give you a quick view of your production statistics and make smart business decisions.

We also offer general software development, specializing in Windows desktop software. We keep up-to-date with current trends in the industry to allow us to deliver top-quality software products.

Automation Pre-Study

Partner with us to help with your journey into the world of industrial automation. We will network and work with our partners in the space to deliver you a plan for an optimal and efficient automation system.